Just a Little Bit About Me

Fine Artist interpreting the landscape with an environmental stewardship overtone

Who am I - Setting the scene

I have been practising art since winning my first art award in 1988, purchasing my first set of ‘oils’ with the prize money. After completing my Bachelor of Visual Arts in 1995, I dabbled in children’s book illustration, then moved into graphic design, establishing my own design studio. I am now focused on my art practice and its integration with my passion for sustainability. I have exhibited in 40+ community and group shows and have sold over 40 works which are represented in various national and international private collections including the La Trobe University Alumni and private collections in France and the US.

Who am I - My Art

My art practice primarily revolves around the landscape – however I’d never class himself as a landscape artist. As a former graphic designer, I integrated my digital design skills with my traditional painting background to produce a collection of digital paintings, adapting traditional painting techniques to a technological environment. Over the last 18 months I have been afforded the freedom to once again pick up the paints and produce acrylic works on paper and canvas.

In 2010 I studied and worked as a permaculture designer, this respect of the land and its systems is reflect in my artistic practice. My work focuses on distilling the landscape down to its essential elements, removing the clutter which distracts the core principle at play – in this case, land degradation and exploitation. ‘Cut across a barren burnt out landscape patches of man’s landscape assimilation are ever present. From the ground this is less noticeable however when observed from above it presents as formidable biotic patterning.’ My work is created through the integrated layering of colour and structural elements, much the same as our own physical landscape. Over time, as each layer becomes hidden, small elements of the landscape are revealed.